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2013-05-25 - 9:00 a.m.

Sometimes I look at you, and think of your kiss and how you adore me,
And other times, I try to erase your treachery from my memory.

Sometimes, I fill my little head
with thoughts of you
at five o'clock, in our living room.

And on those days when you can't be forgotten
I'm accustomed to keeping you locked
among the ashes of my broken heart.

I cannot forget you, I don't want to wait for
your apology that will never come.
I cannot deny it, I'm already gone
And I don't want to see you my love.

I cannot forget you, I don't expect you
To keep on the fighting for me.
I only want to forget, that one we met
Because I still have days where I stay up the entire night with your photo

Sometimes I remember
that I am living on credit to survive.
Sometimes I tell myself
that I need a happy ending looking in your eyes.

Even now, the ashes of this broken heart are still collecting on the floor.


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